EME made in Italy.

Equipment for medical cavitation
2 Indipendent outputs
Continuous and pulsed emission with adjustable duty cycle (10% – 100%)
Max power till 3/Wcm2 ± 20%
USB port for software updating
Touch screen colour display 6’’
20 Memorised treatments for men and women
400 Protocols storable in the memory of the unit

Ultracav 2100 is the equipment for medical aesthetic applications with Medical Certification, specific for cavitation ultrasound treatments. It is the real alternative and integration to surgical liposuction. Ultracav 2100 uses an effective safe method, it is non-invasivepainless and without collateral. It allows to dissolve fat safely, without anesthesia and recovery time in outpatient clinics. This technology is recommende for the following applications:

  • Cellulite,
  • Localised adiposity,
  • Localised fat,
  • Post-liposuction beauty problems,
  • Body reshaping,

The equipment has two output channels and it is equipped with a 25 cm2 applicator (an additional 12 cm2 applicator can be ordered).

BlemishCellulitisLocalized fatWater Ritention


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