Sculpture Evo (Acoustic Wave)



Sculpture Evo is an innovative aesthetic technology for acoustic wave treatments.

It is an effective method to beat cellulite aesthetic defects and localised adiposity in a very short time and with long-lasting results.

The spreading of acoustic waves in the derma, through the innovative gun-shaped applicator:

  • reactivates local circulation,
  • stimulates cell activity,
  • stimulates synthesis of elastin and collagen.

BlemishStretch Marcks,  Poor CirculationCellulitisWater RitentionLocalized Fat
Technology:  Acoustic Wave

The treatment with Sculpture Evo stimulates metabolism and the lymphatic system.

Already after the first session the tissue tonus improves, fat layer decreases and water retention beauty defects become less visible.

Thanks to the powerful tapping massage, Sculpture Evo not only stimulates tissues but also activates a process of temperature increase in the tissue, that induces the production of elastin and collagen. Tissues gets more toned and compact, while stretch marks reduce.

Acoustic waves stimulate greatly blood and lymphatic flow, they eliminate toxins, water retention and induce the lipolytic process.

Sculpture Evo is applied mainly on buttocks, legs and hips.

With few sessions of Sculpture Evo it is possible to treat and improve conditions like:

  • Cellulite up to stage III,
  • Water retention,
  • Skin laxity,
  • Stretch marks,
  • Localised adiposity.


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