Pressomass 707


It is the new equipment for mechanical lymphatic drainage. The massage is applied through leggings with 7 independent sectors, overlapped like a “herring bone” (kit point), by means of which the increasing pressure gradually expands over the body part without leaving interspaces during inflation. This system eliminates the danger of a back flow and improves circulation.

PRESSOMASS 707 is efficiently used to treat cellulite aesthetic problems since

  • it increases the blood flow,
  • it speeds up the venous and lymphatic flow,
  • it removes toxins from subcutaneous tissue,
  • it helps re-absorbing excess liquids under the skin and increasing diuresis.

BlemishPoor CirculationCellulitisWater Retention

A treatment cycle includes about 10-12 sessions, with a frequency of 2-3 times per week.

The pressure massage treatment gives immediate results.

The stimulation performed by Pressomass removes interstitial fluids and toxins in excess from the subcutaneous tissue.



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