LAZR-207 / LAZR-215

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Therapeutic lasers represent an important resource for physiotherapy, and their efficacy on tissues becomes a fundamental requirement when choosing between the various machines available on the market. The operator needs to be able to treat both chronic and acute problems, guaranteeing the best possible results.

For this reason ITO has introduced a range of emission modes in a single laser, amplifying its efficacy.
Methodology has evolved, and now we can speak of a single treatment which is both flexible and constantly able to meet therapeutic needs: The innovative Multi-Mode Laser Therapy.

With a simple setting it is possible to choose between 7 emission modes, each with different benefits and characteristics – a range of possibilities with which to best treat the chronic and acute problems of patients.

● Continuous emission mode

● Stochastic E²C mode

● Single Impulse

● Pulsed Mode

● Burst Mode

● Antinf Mode

● Custom Mode



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