• ADJUSTABLE – Neck traction collars have chambers that you gradually fill with air using the squeeze bulb depending on the degree of your pain or on your preference. They also have Velcro straps that you can loosen or tighten as your condition improves.
  • COMFORTABLE – This cervical neck pain collar works as a neck stretcher device to provide the neck pain relief that you need as you control the air pressure by filling with air as needed. This helps by providing relief for pinched nerve pain from degenerative discs and stiff muscles.  Removing and deflating them is also as simple. Soft cloth is used to avoid irritation around the chin and neck area.
  • PORTABLE – Unlike over the door neck traction devices, the cervical traction unit is lightweight and compact so it is easy to store or bring along.  Great for that long flight or car ride. Made of high quality materials that are guaranteed to last, and to provide long-term relief from the simple causes of upper back shoulder and neck pain.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – These cervical collars can be used by teenagers, adults, and elderly individuals. It fits most neck sizes because of its adjustable Velcro straps and inflatable chambers.


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