DIA-TKR 800 is new heat conduction within tissue combined with therapeutic massages.Using this method the body can be healed using internal energy and natural auto-repair mechanisms found within tissue and muscles.

Capacitive and Resistive Application

DIA-TKR 800 is a modern electrotherapy machine that emits AC currents with frequency between 300 kHz and 1MHz in two emission modes: Capacitive mode & Resistive mode.


The system detects the energy transferred to biotissues within the anatomical region being treated, as a function of time and delivered power. Biotransfer displays the variation of electrical impedance during the treatment.

AVx modes: 3 Innovatives Methods

1. Automatic mode: instead of manual the application is made through 3 electrodes

2. Automatic Pulsed mode: avoiding rises in temperature (automatic + adjustable pulse)

Pathology Library

Over 60 pathologies with 3D pictures and protocols description by phases.

Adjustable Pulse Mode

In this mode energy is delivered at time intervals which can be adjusted by the operator. Pauses between pulses match the tissue thermal relaxing time.


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