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3-channel Palm-sized Electro-acupuncture The most popular unit among acupuncturists in the world Features For busy clinics that require multiple units


6-channel Programmable Electroacupuncture Features Allows simultaneous stimulation with twelve acupuncture needles Provides eight (8) different stimulation modes such as Constant,

Hwato SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator EMS TENS Electro Acupuncture Treatment Instrument 3 Waveform 6 outputs

SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator as a kind of TENS, EMS devices, may be used to apply low frequency pulse

Premium Quality Electro-Acupuncture brand “Great wall”

Electric Acupuncture Stimulator Machine 6 Output for Electric Impulse Acupuncture Treatment Specifications: Output Pulse Road: 6 Channels outputs Input Power: